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Website/Blog/YouTube/ or Viemeo site


When and how have you participated at SIGGRAPH Conferences? (exhibits, talks, panels, performance, screenings). OK if you have not participated.

i participated many years when i was teacher in applied art in the high school college and university I also did a workshop for SIGGRAPH in Los Angeles for Educators Commette and work in the Gallery during the conference in New-Orleans

Are you a member of ACM SIGGRAPH?


Are you on a SIGGRAPH Committee?


Have you shown art in any SIGGRAPH Art Shows?


If you answered yes to the above question, please list year(s)

1998/ 1997

Have you shown in any SIGGRAPH Animation Screenings?


What countries do you work in?

until july 2011 amman jordan forNYIT GLOBAL PROGRAM

Short Bio

BIOGRAPHY Pierre Pepin, Ph.D. Transdisciplinary Professor of Art Education, Media, Animation, Design, Performance, Technology and beyond… Dr. Pierre Pepin has completed a four-year contract at New York Institute of Technology, (NYIT) Global Program, Amman, Jordan in Computer Graphics/Fine Art Department teaching media, computer graphics, art, design, animation, and performance. He previously was a full-time instructor for ten years at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Florida where he taught undergraduate courses in graphic design, advertising, multimedia, animation, digital imaging, communication, and photography. He has more than thirty-five years experience as an educator, researcher, writer, designer, and artist. He is accredited by the Online Distance Learning Technology Group; and holds online training workshops for educators in art, implementing science, performance, and technology. He is known for his innovative approaches regarding the introduction of art, science, and technology through art. As an educator, his responsibilities were the creation of curricula, evaluating students, developing and implementing global strategic ideas, and managing projects. He earned his Ph.D. in Media Arts (“philosophiae doctor”) at the Université du Québec in Montreal, Canada. He lectures and holds workshops locally, nationally and internationally throughout the United States, and in Canada, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Dr. Pepin specializes in developing multicultural approaches and strategic workshops for educators through his PhD and through teaching university, college and high school levels. His ebook was released in French, English, and Spanish at the end of 2012 and is related to his research. Dr. Pepin taught at Florida Atlantic University at the Boca Raton campus (FAU); at New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) in New York to the Master’s Degree Program in Graphic Design and Advertising; and also at Broward Community College in Continuing Education, where he trained adults and students for the industry in graphic design and multimedia fields. He is a current member of the International Society for Education through Art (InSEA), the College Art Association in New York,(CAA), and the National Art Education Association(EAEA). Achievement Awards / Scholarships Dr. Pierre Pepin is the recipient of the Achievement Award from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale in Florida; Training NAPP in Tampa; Photoshop, Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale; Online Certificate, University of Phoenix; Scholarship, Training in Motion Capture, Kaidara Filmbox Montréal, Canada; Scholarship, University of Québec à Trois-Rivières; Softimage Training, Headquarters, Montreal, Canada; Scholarship, Digital Photography, Imaging, Scholarship C.C.I. Eastman Kodak, Camden, Maine; Scholarship, University of Québec à Trois-Rivières; Holography Training, Research Laboratory, New York Holographic Laboratory, New York City; Scholarship, University of Québec à Trois-Rivières, Canada; Graphic Design Packaging, Art Center College of Design; Graphic Packaging, Pasadena, California, USA; Scholarship, “Commission Scolaire Desilets Québec, Canada. Industry Experience He was Art Director/owner, Pierre Pepin Art Graphic Design Studio, for 25 years in Quebec, Canada. Consultant Training in Multimedia for the personnel of the Contemporary Museum of Art, Montreal, Canada. President and Art Director of the International Jury Snow Sculpture, Quebec Carnival, Canada. Full-time designer at Bruneau Studio Agency, Phoenix, Arizona, USA, Department of Packaging Design, Advertising and Graphic Design, the principal account: Dial Soap National Promotional Campaign Product.

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