Mission of the Digital Arts Community Committee

Our missions is to foster year-round engagement and dialogue within the digital, electronic, computational and media arts. We facilitate dynamic scholarship and creative programming within the ACM SIGGRAPH organization. We also promote collaboration between artists and the larger computer graphics and interactive techniques community.


Please join us this today Friday, April 26th @ 4 pm EDT and listen to the research of our newly added speakers are Professors Nonny de la Pena and Tobias Höllerer along with our other presenters for ---

Anticipating the Architecture(s) of The Future – Speculative Arts & Design Research: Theory & Practice

Please join us at the ACM SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Community April SPARKS online session. 

Moderated by: Bhavleek Kaur, Virginia Melnyk, and Gustavo Rincon

Date: April 26, 2024


04:00 pm EST Fri, Mar 26, 2024 (New York, USA)

03:00 pm CDT Fri, Mar 26, 2024 (Chicago, USA) 

01:00 pm PST Fri, Mar 26, 2024 (Los Angeles, USA) 

08:00 pm UTC Fri, Mar 26, 2024 (Coordinated Universal Time) 

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Please register for the Zoom event on this link: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZcpd-ytrDsvG9CbTCbsikmh_2MaNOZxtMSC

Session Description:

This survey of AI, Computation, Fabrication, Information (Data) & Robotics – Speculating on future trends of built form – looking at how research practice and experimentation come together to blur the lines between the creative imagination and the real. An Aesthetic Challenge to existing formal languages of material form – redefining New Mediated Architectures. While humans have built environments inspired by nature, what new research practices have contributed to extending the potential of A.I. & Robotics – imagining new ways of thinking from physical to virtualized paradigms as well as mixed paradigms. Information is intertwined with our states of humanity. We ask our community of artists, scientists and researchers to share visions as “proposals” for a better world by revealing their research as a paradigm shift engaging current technologies. This session will explore the conceptual implications of the potentiality of new visions for change in contemporary research practice combining the Arts, Design, and Sciences in A.I., (AR/VR/XR/Real) Worlds & Verses, Robotics, and Speculative Design/Arts Futures.




1. Immersive Journalism

    Nonny de la Pena - https://search.asu.edu/profile/3969940 


2. Improving Humanity through Technology

   Tobias Höllerer - https://ilab.cs.ucsb.edu/


3. Architectonic Media Interventions (AMI)

    Mark-David Hosale, Ph.D. - https://ndstudiolab.com/ami


4. World Building Future Architectures

    Jen Stein, Ph.D.  - https://experimental.design/


5. Unveiling New Narratives: Reimagining the Future Through Found Footage

    Amalia Foka - https://amaliafoka.com/anticipating-2020s.html


6. Three Creative Strategies in Learning-based Image Computation

    Weihao Qiu - https://www.q-wh.com/fencing-hallucination


7. Auditory-visual synesthesia in the realm of Cyborg existentialism

    Rose Ansari  - https://youtube.com/shorts/U-hIPe4NUr8?si=AX6zangSsbgjUZqI 


8. The Present in the Future is the Past

    RAY LC - https://urbanwalkhk.wordpress.com/  | https://recfro.github.io/urban-walk/


9. Maelstrom - Tuning Generative Environment with Spatial Instrument

    Yufan Xie & Wei Wu - https://yufanxie.com/project/maelstrom/

See more information about the event: Anticipating the Architecture(s) of The Future

For more information about SPARKS: https://dac.siggraph.org/

ACM SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Community

Our mission of the ACM SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Committee is to foster year-round engagement and dialogue within the digital, electronic, computational, and media arts. We facilitate dynamic scholarship and creative programming within the ACM SIGGRAPH organization. Our goal is to promote collaboration between artists and the larger computer graphics and interactive techniques community.

All online ACM SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Community events are free to all. 

Please share this event with your colleagues, family, and friends.


Deadline extended to April 2!

Apply now!!!

The Future of Reality: Post-Truths, Digital Twins, and Doppelgängers

2024 SIGGRAPH DAC Exhibition

Curated by: Victoria Szabo 

DAC Committee Member(s): Gustavo Alfonso Rincon

Exhibition Opening: July 2024

Submit your work to the Call for Participation:


Submission Information:

The Future of Reality is a digital art exhibition to be presented online as part of a collection of juried works.  The review committee will accept both copies of digital art works and documentation of pieces and performances. We will also ask for an artist’s statement to accompany the work, and welcome additional explanatory texts and writings to frame the work. Accepted artists will also be invited to join online conversations about the work at a future DAC SPARKS session focused on the exhibition and shared at SIGGRAPH 2024. The work will also be documented in the online SIGGRAPH History Archives.


In The Production of Space Henri LeFebvre described the complex ways in which space is perceived, conceived, and experienced. This mutually constitutive and dynamic social process affects both the built environment and socio-cultural relations within it. For decades theorists of both urban geographies and the landscapes of cyberspace have taken inspiration from his ideas to think about how spaces become places at a moment in time. Artwork that engages concepts of space and place has been energized by thinking through these dynamic relations in installations, site-based experiences, virtual art, and other forms. Today the boundaries between these productive forces of space and experience are increasingly blurred, as physical space and virtual space boundaries overlap; space design itself becomes generative and democratized; and lived experience within them is both participatory and reactive. Virtual worlds, 3D models, animations, reality capture imaging, sensors, and intelligent agents of all kinds are converging to create post-truths, digital twins, and doppelgängers to the material world, and are co-constituting our experiences within and outside of it. How are artists engaging information as data – structuring new grammatical languages as code,  formulating the future of reality from A.I. into the era of Quantum computing?



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