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The ACM SIGGRAPH, Digital Arts Community announces the 2020 online exhibition:

DIGITAL POWER:  Activism, Advocacy and the Influence of Women Online


See also special event at SIGGRAPH 2020 introducing the exhibition:


Call for Submissions:  Deadline:  Dec 16. 2019

Submission URL: (Submissions accepted beginning August 1, 2019)

DIGITAL POWER:  Activism, Advocacy and the Influence of Women Online will focus on the work of women: digital artists, storytellers, designers, gamers, film/video makers and other visionary digital content providers in an exhibition that inspires, empowers, and supports women. The online exhibition is curated by Kathy Rae Huffman, curator of the 2015 DAC online exhibition “Enhanced Vision: Digital Video.”  DIGITAL POWER is a project of the ACM SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Community, and is scheduled to premiere at the annual SIGGRAPH conference, 19-23 July 2020 in Washington D.C. 

The deadline for submission is December 16, 2019.

DIGITAL POWER:  Activism, Advocacy and the Influence of Women Online will be selected by jury of women and is dedicated to women. In this important moment in the history of women’s voices, DIGITAL POWER shall motivate and encourage online female voices. It will be inclusive, international, inter-generational and cross-disciplinary.  Huffman states:

‘It is both timely and appropriate to bring together a group of works by women who emphasize gender equality, gender neutrality, female identity, representation, diversity, achievement, and intersectionality: DIGITAL POWER will examine feminist theory in practice.  My goal is to celebrate the women who work in the computer, technology and arts sector who are speaking up, shouting out, and telling it how it is – online and digitally.” 

The open call for works can include (but are not restricted to):

  • digital video, digital imagery, animation
  • websites, web portals, web radio, blogs and vlogs, podcasts
  • AR/VR, animated gifs
  • Apps for mobile phones
  • Online games, interactive design and new forms of interactive artworks

All works selected should point out issues championed by women, the problems women face, the solutions that women find possible, the celebration of amazing achievements of women, female community, and female-centric design problems solved. DIGITAL POWER will be comprised of works exclusively created by women, or with women in the primary creative role that focus on the concerns of women, their point of view, their history and sensibility. Female is CIS, Trans, bi, gay or non-binary female, all who are self-identified as female will be considered. 

DIGITAL POWER will celebrate the fact that women have been actively working in the digital arts for decades, although they have enjoyed too little prominence or recognition.  Women’s experiences are unique from those of men’s experiences, therefore their stories and artworks are uniquely female. Without placing value judgements regarding the differences, a specific focus on the female perspective, within the largely male domain of digital arts, will point out the significant contributions by women to the digital arts.

Kathy Rae Huffman has a long history of curating both female centric and digital exhibitions, which began in the early 1980s.  Huffman was the organizing curator at the Long Beach Museum of Art for ‘At Home’ (1983), the 10th anniversary exhibition of the Woman’s Building (Los Angeles), working with guest curator and feminist art historian Arlene Raven (1944-2006). That same year, Huffman curated “The Artist and the Computer” one of the first exhibitions devoted to artists and computers, also shown at the Long Beach Museum of Art, which included numerous women among the 35 artists included. In 1995, Huffman curated ‘Dar~Links,’ for the Ars Electronica (Linz) server. One of the first (if not the first) online exhibitions, she selected a website by a woman each month for the period of a year. She co-authored the multi-media column Pop~Tarts (with Margarete Jahrmann, Vienna), for the German online publication, Telepolis Journal, covering net issues from a female perspective (1996-1999).  In 1997, Huffman co-founded the online community for women, FACES: Gender-Art -Technology ( This mailing list has built a strong community of women around the world, and it continues uninterrupted to be an internationally recognized online and offline female resource. Throughout her curatorial career Huffman has notably supported, commissioned and curated work by women. In 2018 and 2019 Huffman curated the exhibitions at the AWMAT conference (Alliance of Women in Media Art and Technology) at the University of California, Santa Barbara.  She has been a member of the ACM SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Community Committee since 2015.

ACM SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Community:  The mission of the Digital Arts Community (DAC) is to foster year-round engagement and dialogue within the digital, electronic, computational and media arts. Facilitate dynamic scholarship and creative programming within the ACM SIGGRAPH organization. Promote collaboration between artists and the larger computer graphics and  interactive techniques community.

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