September 20

Website/Blog/YouTube/ or Viemeo site


When and how have you participated at SIGGRAPH Conferences? (exhibits, talks, panels, performance, screenings). OK if you have not participated.

Since 1988, CAF Chair 2006, Conference Chair 2010; many panel, course, BOF, CAF contributions

Are you a member of ACM SIGGRAPH?


Are you on a SIGGRAPH Committee?

Outstanding Service Award Chair

Have you shown art in any SIGGRAPH Art Shows?


Have you shown in any SIGGRAPH Animation Screenings?


If you answered yes to the above question, please list year(s)

1995, 1998

What countries do you work in?

United States

Short Bio

Terrence Masson is an animation and visual effects artist and producer with 25 years of production and education leadership experience. His work includes feature and short animated film, broadcast, video games and interactive media. His book CG101: A Computer Graphics Industry Reference is a standard text worldwide for both studio execs and students. Terrence came up through the ranks on more than 20 feature films including Hook, True Lies, Interview with the Vampire and three Star Wars movies; along with supervising numerous interactive projects such as SimCity4, Bruce Lee, Batman Dark Tomorrow and Alter Echo. He developed the original CG animation method for SouthPark in 1996 and his short film Bunkie & Booboo won first place in the World Animation Celebration in 1998. An active volunteer with SIGGRAPH since 1988, Terrence served as 2006 Computer Animation Festival Chair, SIGGRAPH 2010 Conference Chair and is currently the ACM SIGGRAPH Outstanding Service Awards Chair. Terrence is a member of the Producers Guild of America, the Visual Effects Society and an ACM Distinguished Lecturer. He has been involved with the FMX conference since 1999.

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