January 3

Website/Blog/YouTube/ or Viemeo site


When and how have you participated at SIGGRAPH Conferences? (exhibits, talks, panels, performance, screenings). OK if you have not participated.

I haven't but would like to when I have the opportunity. I've followed many of the developments and talks on the web.

Are you a member of ACM SIGGRAPH?


Are you on a SIGGRAPH Committee?


Have you shown art in any SIGGRAPH Art Shows?


Have you shown in any SIGGRAPH Animation Screenings?


What countries do you work in?

United States

Short Bio

Artist, traditional and digital. Former Green Beret medic (Vietnam), farmer, Museum Education Director, BFA in painting (Drake University) and MFA in Integrated Visual Arts (Iowa State University). Create 3D digital animations and videos (Blender, Substance, Premier Pro), game design (Unreal).

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