Last night I went to the closing reception in addition to the local film festival. In fact it was more or less an obligation but also a sign of mutual respect, always late at night, people talking to, or most of the time beyond, one another. 

Nevertheless, it was the night where again I felt myself utterly alone. Not with the people, however, whom I quite often know quite well. But the context, it was a film festival, and then this whole atmosphere of almost passionate cinematographic excitement, and I? 

I was again walking in a dessert, like in my younger days the Saharan dessert. By then going up north in a lorry, driven by a former French officer and his mistress, or a daughter of his first mistress and who cares? She sat with the wheel and got it all terribly wrong and us, deeply stuck in the sand. A moment where, let alone the forty to fifty degrees centigrade, smile at least is a little bit frozen, dig the thing out and of course, find a possible way to go? 

What you do under such circumstances, it is to read the landscape, very carefully. Eventually, it is a small cairn or a line of stones, people who have been there beforehand. Or sometimes only a hole in a line of stones that leads into maybe another line of stones, sandstorms is rather frequent and therefore it changes all the time. And that luckily we found our way out, but also that, mentally seen, I’ve been there ever since. 

Because what is after all, life, other than day after day, year after year, basically seen it is always the same and then for us to admit, a real dessert. But also that maybe somewhere around, suddenly little signs sometimes seem to occur, maybe a sign of love, very important to us, or even something else, like suddenly in a glimpse, remember the line of stones in the dessert, we come to look beyond. 

My way of doing, it is not to illustrate God’s working or nature as it is. It is with how to find a way to go, or a possible way out? So that the way it is done, it is with computers, in order to generate pictures one after the other. Technically seen, it can for instance be compared with Warhol’s 24-hour fixed camera, Empire State Building. And then, many years on and again Empire State Building, taken by Washington Post, still in the same fixed camera position and length like Warhol, the first one is a complete dessert, few are those who have seen it from a to z. And the other, with hurricane Katrina coming down, carving its way through, a real suspense. 

Also that, with a little too close look, it looks like a video, whereas with a small step backward, we suddenly see what it is.  

I.e. in a dessert, call it whatever you like, or at least something very long and very boring, say one or two hours normally, sometimes less. I then install but only for the attentive eye, something quite different. Little signs of recognition in the tunnel, spurs in the wasteland, smells in the darkness, above all, it is not to impose myself, or in fact my own presence is not so extremely important, rather than introducing a certain method or indeed way of understanding. 

We all, at least every now and then, live in a dessert. A daily treadmill, things to be done, obligations, income, loneliness, the list is long and you know, even to sometimes getting stuck in the sand. Where by then, very carefully to look around, maybe with little signs here and there in your still own personal landscape, things in you and around, despite, not all of them are good but some of them are. 

The DVD “Sur le Chemin de Prades” it is what I have found, making a short journey into my own little inner landscape, but only an example and nothing else, so that now for you too. 

Go find your own!

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