The 2ND AIIB ART Israel Internet Biennial

Initiator, Director, Chief of Production: Architect Dekel Goodovitch,

Curator: Prof. Siona Shimshi    Consultants: Dr. Avi Rosen. Moshe Amira.

Location: a virtual gallery space dedicated to the Biennial, designed by 3DVAS

Hosting: 3DVAS  Ltd. the firm selected to host and support the 2nd AIIB through its unique

3D platform enabling online exhibition of works of art in 3D museum spaces.

The platform also supports cellular apps. See more at: www.3dvas

Dates: The AIIB2 will go on air on 10 November 2012, and be up through 10.11. 2014.  

then  AIIB3  will go on air with a new curator.  All Art Works  shown  in the Biennial will

be stored in the AIIB Archives to create a visual encyclopedia of cybernetic art media,

to be viewed upon request.


AIIB2 will include and show: ACTIVE 2Ds,  VIRTUAL SCULPTURES,   SOUND WORKS,  

VIRTUAL  INSTALATIONS & PERFORMANSES,   archetectural, space & interiors Ideas as

visual  active  artworks,  VIDEOS- not longer then 3 30 min. Running time

Written material will be in English, Hebrew, Arabic + more languages according to needs.


AIIB2  is a nonprofit  project, and  as such will not charge  the participating artists any fee.

Yet- will  not be able to support projects financially, unless specific donation will be marked

as  such,  will be donated to AIIB2 .Technical  support  will  be given free of charge to the participants  by the 3DVAS technical  support team.


All  participating artists must  agree not to present the work shown in the AIIB2 in any other

forms  during  the two years that the  exhibition is on the net.


The  AIIB2 will  include 33 participating artists, each presenting  3 works of art:

11 are invited artists from Israel and abroad, and 22 artists will be selected by the team to it's

being feet  to  the special technology. Subject matters, contents criteria, will not be judged.


During the entire two years of the 2nd AIIB, the website will be opened for comments and

 live information on relevant subjects, links and contacts on media arts throughout the world,

as well as hosting online symposia and round-table discussions.

As a nonprofit project, we depend on contributions and support by foundations,  corporate donors as well as private donors who believe in the importance of the project, which will be shown non-stop all over the world every minute of the years to come.

We would like to meet you to discuss possibilities of cooperation.

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