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September 15, 2018
"Intersections" - Leonardo's 50th Anniversary Convening CODAME Art + Tech
Date - 3 November 2018
Fort Mason, San Franciso, CA

September 22, 2018
The Urgency of Reality in a Hyper-Connected Age

ACM SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Community Online Exhibition

September 30, 2018CG
Trader Digital Art Competition


October 15, 2018
AWMAT 2019: Alliance of Women in Media Arts and Technology
February 7-9, 2019
University of California, Santa Barbara, USA

October 19, 2018
The Web That Was (papers, workshops, demos)

June 19-21, 2019
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

October 30, 2018
EVA 2019 Florence

May 8 - 9, 2019
Florence, Italy

October 31, 2018
ISEA residency program (ISEA Symposium)

June 22 - 28, 2019
Gwangju, South Korea

November 1, 2018
EvoMUSART (part of evo* 2019)

8th International Conference on Computational Intelligence in Music, Sound, Art and Design
April 2019
Leipzig, Germany

November 7, 2018 12pm
PSTTEI 2019 - Arts Track

March 17-20, 2019
Tempe, Arizona USA

November 30, 2018
ISEA  papers, panels, posters (ISEA Symposium)

June 22 - 28, 2019
Gwangju, South Korea


If you still are looking for your TAS work email

Check out the Digital Arts Community's Facebook Group

Check out the DAC FACEBOOK Group!!!

Make sure to see the (original!!) 1982 SIGGRAPH ART show
Click here!
Much thanks to Copper Giloth for putting this together and sharing!



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Digital Arts Page on the ACM-SIGGRAPH site


Mission of the Digital Arts Community Committee

To foster year-round engagement and dialogue within the digital, electronic, computational and media arts. Facilitate dynamic scholarship and creative programming within the ACM SIGGRAPH organization. Promote collaboration between artists and the larger computer graphics and interactive techniques community.

DAC Committee

ACM SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Community Committee:
Victoria Szabo, Chair
Jim Demmers,  Sue Gollifer, Kathy Rae Huffman, John Hyatt, Bonnie Mitchell, Hye Yeon Nam, Derick Ostrenko, Jan Searleman, Ruth West.


Call for Proposals: Guest Curators for DAC Online Exhibitions 2018


Guest Curator/Exhibition Directors for ACM SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Community Online Exhibitions

The ACM SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Community invites proposals from Guest Curators/Exhibition Directors for Online Exhibition ideas for Spring/Summer 2018, as well as for future exhibitions.

The Curator/Exhibition Director is responsible for developing an open-call, juried online digital art exhibition related to any relevant discipline or area of practice within the digital arts. The exhibition will be co-organized by the Guest Curator/Exhibition Director and in partnership with the Digital Arts Community (DAC) Committee, and will be displayed on the ACM SIGGRAPH web servers, as well as promoted at the annual SIGGRAPH conferences and related venues.

Online Exhibitions should showcase digital art work consistent with ACM SIGGRAPH’s focus on innovation and creativity in computer graphics and interactive techniques. We are especially interested in proposals that can engage a wide audience; that represent a new direction or expand substantially upon past DAC exhibitions; that reflect the diversity of our community; and that improve dialogue between artists and people working in other disciplines.  Guest Curators/Exhibition Directors can be practicing artists, art historians, museum curators or art educators from any area of the digital arts or computational media. We encourage applications from a diverse community practice and interests.  

ACM SIGGRAPH DAC Online Exhibitions are open call, peer reviewed/juried exhibitions. Exhibitions are hosted online by ACM SIGGRAPH, and must be clear of third party copyright restrictions. Contributors retain copyright of their own creative work.

For review of prior online exhibitions, please see the links at Direct questions to

Proposal Submission: DAC Online Exhibitions 2018

Deadline for proposals: 31 December 2017


About the Process:

The Guest Curator/Exhibition Director works closely with the ACM SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Committee at every stage of the exhibition process, both in refining their concept and implementing the exhibition. After soliciting initial proposals for exhibitions, the DAC follows up with finalist applicants to explore the feasibility of the proposals and possible implementation strategies and timelines. Once a plan is agreed upon, the team works together to develop the project.

The work of the Guest Curator/Exhibition Director is to:

  • conceptualize and shape the initial call for submissions, with DAC input
  • identify and solicit external reviewers
  • lead the review and selection process within the approved submission system
  • partner with the contributing artists and the DAC to prepare the exhibition materials for online delivery

The work of the DAC Committee is to:

  • collaborate upon, approve, and circulate the initial call for submissions through ACM SIGGRAPH channels
  • prepare and reproduce publicity materials in partnership with the guest curator, and in compliance with our graphic design standards
  • set up the online submission system with feedback on evaluation standards from the Guest Curator/Exhibition Director
  • participate in the review process
  • approve the final selections and exhibition design
  • coordinate the permissions process with ACM SIGGRAPH and the contributing artists
  • manage the online presentation of the final show on the ACM SIGGRAPH web servers, including its subsequent archiving, and any on-site presentation exhibition opportunities of the online exhibition

We anticipate the time from the initial Call for Submissions to the final Online Exhibition to be approximately 6-8 mos., but this can vary substantially based on a number of factors, such as the number of submissions, complexity of the work, presentation needs etc. Typically we focus on one Exhibition at a time, though we may queue up ideas for future Exhibitions as a result of this call. 


ACM SIGGRAPH is a volunteer-driven nonprofit international organization affiliated with the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). Thousands of people who share a passion for computer graphics and interactive techniques are members of this Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques. ACM SIGGRAPH members are involved in a wide variety of fields, including computer science graphics research, digital art, scientific visualization, interactive technology, animation, game design, visual effects, education, film and television production, scientific research, and more.


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