Hi,  I received the following message in my inbox:

"Complement of the season and happy new year in advance Please reply back at ( chelseaalbert11@gmail.com ) It's so important.

My regards

Since I did not know what it was, I replied with a greeting. It was then that I received this message in my email:

"Hello my dear 

I write you now in hope and expectation that we are growing in understand of each other. I am now compelled to explain myself and let you know the reason why I contacted you in this case. As a soldier in the a battle front like this, anything is possible and one can not disregard the fact that, no one is immune to death. I seriously need your help to safe guide something in your name until when we are able to meet in person.

As a military personnel in the war zone, we carried out some military operation in a terrorist militant zone some weeks now, in that operation, many souls were lost and as the Lord will have it, only three of our men had minor injuries. At the end of that operation,
Our team secretly discovered $17 Million USD which belongs to the rich militants.And shared among those us who were involved in that operation. As a person in the barrack, this money is not save here with me, one could be asked to leave at any point in time and I can not carry this amount with me all the time. I decided to deposit the money in the hands of a United Nation's Diplomat here for now.The amount involved is ($1.8 Million United States Dollars).
I need your permission and acceptance to receive this money in your name from the diplomat until when we will meet in person. I will compensate you with 30% of the total amount involved after the diplomat has taken 20% for his participation. Be confident, I have worked out everything with the diplomat, he will finalize the transfer of the money into your account. At the end of my mission here in Syria,I will come to meet you for investment purposes in your country. I believe there are some business avenues in your country with a great future investment opportunities.

Respond back to me soon after you receive and go through this mail. Indicate your willingness to help in this case for me to send you more information where the money is deposited. Your urgent response is highly needed.

Best Regards

Yours friend,

Sgt Chelsea Albert"
Does anyone know what that means?  

Thank you

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Hi !

I received was the same.



Have a nice day.

Best regards,


Thank you David. 
I imagined it was a blow.
I hope the Page Administrators take some action.
Hug to everyone.

Please send the full name of the person sending the message so that they can be blocked.

There are no members named Chelsea Albert - so someone is using a different name to login

he signs as CIB

there is no member named CIB

are you able to link to a ACM SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Community Page from this person's name?  That URL will allow me to report the person

his page is this

Thanks for the screen shot - this person has now been suspended from the network.

I thank you

Internet spam : fraud...she's on my case too.

Yes, this needs action by an administrator.

Roger - this could only be addressed after Alexandre sent the screen shot -- because that was the only way to identify the user - so thanks to Alexandre!

Cynthia Beth Rubin

This appeared as to be a "fan":

I get them...LOL.

But she sent me pictures of herself.

I thought she was a real person.

Then the scammer email came.

This issue needs to be addressed as a long term problem

as they use different false names and continue.

Roger Bagula


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