Question, it is a good idea for me, still to be with the Siggraph Arts Community? Because very rarely I go in there, and this year I’m not going to Vancouver, like last year or the year before, and so what?  Are you interested in my things, as I’m interested in yours, or is it just a dialogue of the blind? 

I have here built up a “new” system, new as well as old. In full harmony and complete communication, all from today and back till the early Nineties, and it’s all working together, just if it were one single machine. And the outcome, almost overwhelming and very intense, particularly in terms of colors, what is first and foremost to avoid any Newtonian color scheme i.e. simply replace it with, example, Goethe’s “Treatise of Colors”

Unfortunately, somehow I cannot show all those things to you, my feeling is that there is a certain form of meditation involved, and therefore almost my final goodbye to you, Siggraph arts community, this year in Vancouver and further on. With not only to publish things on the Internet, YouTube or whatever, it is above all decline to a, if I may say, a kind of Newtonian color scheme, or technique (maybe) instead of art, with no further quick overlook or always fast understanding, just like YouTube my friends, and there you are!  

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What would you like this ACM SIGGRAPH Digtital Arts Community - or any Community - to be?  More ideas?  More philosophy?  All images?  What would hold your attention?

In answering your question, let me give you an example? I have here for quite some time been working with ideas of finding or rather making a certain blue, imagine for instance Neptune in your head, or somewhere in the range of a cobalt blue, and at the same time both deep solid and completely transparent. A technical problem, obviously, but also very much a philosophical one, while according to the Tibetans, provided you’re in good conditions, mentally seen, before dying, this same colour is then seen of course in its now ultimate form, before finally it turns into black.

But where do I go to discuss these things, because now we’re talking business, and philosophy it is for tomorrow or the day after. It is with a potter, not you, or something I’m completely missing, and particularly those working with the Japanese so-called Raku burning, all in all in a very strange mixture of both elaborate and primitive.

And the way I’ve sorted it out here, maybe as a possible way to go, and already with results that seemingly aren’t all that bad, but a huge challenge. Where do I find people particularly among you to discuss, procedures as well as ways to go? Still the primitive and elaborate together, here in a network combination between on one hand DOS, and then on the other all the latest computer graphics technologies.

The result is, if I may say, amazing and also quite beautiful, but gosh what a headache!


There are also other things I would like to say, but not now. 

Well knowing that, thanks to ways I’m now working, never I’ve felt myself so fit, intellectually as well as emotionally seen, like I do today. Or almost day and night with only a couple of years beforehand, always to the better, so that people who have known me previously, they cannot even recognise. 

Then to return to this “from DOS to Windows 7” installation I’ve made. As well as, to be fully aware of, in both Windows 7 and 8 there is this Virtual PC, or the capacity of bringing in also older programs. For personal reasons I saw the need of making it a little more tangible, with almost layers (in myself) or different machines coming together within different ages. In other words, to make a certain “psychotherapy” situation, and of course not what the machinery is concerned, but me. So that the real challenge, in somehow bringing things “up or in” or into a today’s context, it is to make all such things, old and new, both plausible or indeed coherent? 

That is today where I’m now working. With seemingly some results better than other, still using my friends around to make their own little comments about it, and there where I very much miss you? With what is not so much to show you something, or even on the contrary, but really as good colleagues to have your gut feeling, with what is good and what is not?


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