Does any one have experience with good Open Source imaging and video editing software?

I have already discovered that the text editor in Open Office offers the versatility of HTML (tables for placement and colored backgrounds) and it can export pdfs.

Paint programs, video editing, modeling, anything else that you actually have tried would be great to know about.

My interest is in supporting the faculty and students of the Non-Stop Institute in Yellow Springs, Ohio. This is the home Antioch College, which is currently arranging its new status as an independent College, after years of affiliation with Antioch University, and the faculty of Non-Stop is primarily the Antioch College faculty of last year. A wonderful coalition of faculty, students, Antioch alumni, and other supporters are working together to create a new model of teaching and creative exchange based entirely on Open Source.

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As an advocate and supporter of the open source software movement I am very happy to see this discussion taking place here.
I'm also very glad to hear about the interest in open source taking place at your educational institution.

There are many exceptional utilities out there under the category of Open Source/GNU Licensed software.

One of the best 3d graphics applications I've seen has to be blender which was mentioned already in this discussion, but I would like to share a few things I know about it. Blender is a truly amazing piece of software. It was originally created by Ton Roosendaal as an in house tool for neogeo but eventually found it's way into the open source software scene. Blender is an excellent OpenGL based tool for model making, animating, and rendering. It's pretty much capable of everything you would find even in some of the most expensive solutions like 3D Studio Max or Softimage. As some of you might already know, "Big Buck Bunny" is a short film that was created entirely with blender and can give you a pretty good idea of what's possible with it. I would recommend blender to anybody interested in learning how to create 3d graphics and animations. A great resource for learning the software is the online book:
You can download blender free at

I would also like to recommend checking out a Linux distribution called ArtistX. It's available as a livecd which can be installed as a primary operating system or dual booted configuration. ArtistX is Linux but created with Artists in mind. It has a collection of tonnes of great open source utilities that span pretty much the entire array of content creation. It has software for musicians such as Linux Multimedia Studio (Similar to the popular windows application FL Studio) as well as a wide range of utilities for image manipulation. It even has vector graphics software and non linear video editing solutions. ArtistX has my personal seal of approval. I would recommend it to any serious professional or artist looking to break out of conventional media and try their hand at digital content creation. Linux is a very robust and powerful free operating system that can be downloaded in the format of a cd/dvd burnable ISO format. Any of the applications found in the ArtistX distribution could also be installed on other variants of the Linux operating system, and in some cases even other systems altogether like Unix.
ArtistX can be downloaded free at:
I created this page on the eduction site a while ago. May need some updating. Good video editing software seems to be the hardest to come by. I anybody has some good suggestions :)
Here's five:

Cinelerra - Recommended for Animators, Artists/Illustrators/Designers, video editors.
Kino - Recommended of home users, video editors, and videographers.
Avidemux (Non-Linear Editor) - Recommended for videographers.
Kdenlive - Recommended for home users.
LiVES - Recommend for home users and VJs.


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