Michael Wright aka Mrags Writer presents the "Portrait Virus" at SIGGRAPH 2010

Michael Wright aka Mrags Writer is presenting his “Portrait Virus Project in the Studio of the SIGGRAPH 2010 Conference in Los Angeles from July 25 thru July 29. Wright will create Portraits of attendees to form a gallery of images printed, projected, blogged at portraitvirussiggraph2010.blogspot.com and placed in his Castle Gallery in second life at the I, Be, Am sim.

"The Portrait Virus" is a performance/multi-media installation work created with new media art historian Patric Prince and a small group of artists presented at "CyberArts 3" in Pasadena in 1992. Video captured Portraits were passed along from artist to artist over the Ethernet and the Internet with each artist doing some manipulation. The end product was projected. In this case the artist was looked at as the virus altering the pure digital content. The work was historic at the time and involved the use of Video, Amigas, Macs, & PC's communicating in a visual way over the wire. Wright carried on an iteration of the idea over the years as an individual artist. This is a fresh look at portraiture in the form of video and photography that breaks the rules of the traditional concept of portraiture being both interactive as well as invasive.

Wright will also be speaking at the Digital Artisty Workshops: held in the Studio Tuesday, 27 July | 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM | Room 151 regarding his personal blog “Looking In Looking Out: The Portrait Virus Blog” He will address of the progress and process of his self-portrait blog created to exhibit a new self portrait every day for one year.

Michael Wright aka. Mrags Writer is a painter who began to explore Digital Media in the mid 1980s on an Amiga computer. He exhibited his first Digital Prints in 1989. He has exhibited digital and traditional works on a national & international level. Wright is currently exploring art and art education in virtual worlds. His virtual world projects have been featured at past the New Media Consortium and SIGGRAPH conferences.

Wright is a professor in the Digital Media and Liberal Studies Programs at Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles. Wright is one of the artists mentioned in an article “Imaging by Numbers: A Historical View of Digital Printmaking in America” by new media art historian Patric D Prince in the spring 09 issue of the ”Art Journal” published by the College Art Association. Wright's digital work is also represented in “The Art of the Digital Age” by Bruce Wands, “Going Digital” by Joseph Nalven and JD Jarvis, "Computer Graphics World" '25 year Retrospective of Digital Art" in its January 2002 issue and in the magazine’s "Portfolio" section of the November, 2001, issue. Wright is profiled in "Computer Graphics Companion" edited by Jeffrey McConnell Anthony Ralston and Edwin Reilly. His work also appears in "The Computer in the Visual Arts" by Anne Morgan Spalter of Brown University, published by Addison Wesley and is also published in Linda Jacob's seminal book, "CyberArts: Exploring Art & Technology". He and his work have been featured in Wired, Micro Publishing News, Computer Graphics & Applications and Agent X, Television Tokyo. Wright's digital prints are in the collection of the State Museum in Novorsibirsk, Russia and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London UK, the repository for British art book & print collections.

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