Global Recruitment of Chair and Faculty of Department of Digital Art and Design at Peking University

School of Software and Microelectronics, Peking University was founded with approval from the Ministry of Education, the State Planning Commission and Ministry of Science and Technology as “National Demonstration School of Software” and “National Training Base for IC Professionals”. School of Software and Microelectronics, Peking University has 4 Master specialties (Software Engineering, Integrated Circuit Engineering, Project Management, Electrical and Communication Engineering) and 2 doctoral specialties (Software and Service Engineering, and Integrated Circuit and System). The school has an annual enrollment of 1000 graduate students.

School of Software and Microelectronics at Peking University now invites applications for academic and research positions at the rank of Department Chairs, Assistant/Associate or Full Professor worldwide.


1. Chair of Department of Service Science and Engineering

2. Chair of Department of Management of Technology

3. Chair of Department of Language Information Engineering

4. Chair of Department of Digital Art and Design

5. Chair of Department of IOT (Internet of Things) Engineering

6. Chair of Department of Energy Information Engineering

7. Faculty positions for above Departments, and Financial Information Engineering, Software and Service Engineering.

The Requirements

1. Applicants should have good feelings toward China, Peking University, and demonstrate a strong commitment to high-quality graduate teaching and development of a vibrant research program.

2. Have a strong record of research, scholarship and excellence in teaching.

3. The applicants should have an earned doctorate or expect a doctorate soon in Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical and computer Engineering, Management of Technology, Digital Arts, and other relevant disciplines.

4. The applicants for position of Department Chair should have a full Professorship or equivalent from a worldwide recognized university and good management experience. Individuals with a strong record of leadership, research, scholarship and excellence in teaching are encouraged to apply.

5. Applicants should have good health.

Recruitment Process

1. Individuals who are interested and qualified please apply by sending their resume, statement of interest, and references to school’s human resource officeemail .

2. The searching committee will review all applications and conduct interviews.

3. The searching committee will recommend the qualified applicants to school board of Appointment for approval.

4. The school will offer employment contracts to the accepted applicants


1. Department Chairperson Responsibility:

a) To act as the representative of the department to school administration.

b) To act as an advocate for the mission of the department to the administration.

c) To act as a mentor and facilitator for the faculty and staff within the department as they carry out their mission.

d) To act as an administrator of the department in accomplishing necessary managerial tasks.

e) Facilitating international and domestic educational support

f) Promoting cooperation with world-class universities and global companies.

g) Conducting searches for faculty positions (full-time, adjunct and affiliate)

h) Coordinating teach, research and other departmental activities.

2. Faculty Responsibility: Conduct teaching and researching according to departmental teach and research plans; Work on and complete other tasks assigned by the department or school.


All Positions are expected to be paid according to the Regulations on Teacher Salary of School of Software and Microelectronics, Peking University.

Application Period and Method

1. July 8, 2010 -- August 30, 2010

2. Contact:

Ms. Fan Yufeng Contact number: 86-10-61273673

Ms. Ding Yu Contact number: 86-10-61273669

Ms. Pang Ying Contact number: 86-10-61273746


3. Website:

Attachment: Academic Fields of the Departments

Department of Service Science and Engineering:

Electronic Service Technologies

Software and Service Engineering

Intelligent Services and Cloud Computing

Department of Management and Technology:

IT Project Management

IT Marketing

Innovation and Entrepreneurial Financial Management

Department of Language Information Engineering:

Natural Language Processing

Computer aided Translation

Department of Digital Art and Design:

Computer Animation

Interactive Media Art

Digital Media Technology

Computer Music

Art and industrial Design

Computer Aided Graphics

Department of IOTInternet of ThingsEngineering

IOT Technology and Applications

E-Business and Logistics

Department of Energy Information Engineering:

Design and Management of Energy System

Advanced Lighting Technology

Solar Energy Photo-electricity

Low-carbon Technology and Economics

Department of Software Technologies:

Software Development

Software Test and Quality Assurance

Software Engineering Management

Department of Financial Information Engineering:

Financial Information Technology

Financial Information Services

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