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It is a conclusion, according to a most personal approach to computer graphics. And I’ve named it Slowfilm,, but also as a reference to, Slowfood, i.e. savour and long time digestion.

In fact you cannot see it directly on the Internet, and I may eventually send certain things to you, but only by post. Basically seen, it is again to find myself as a member of a very old breed or family, made up with sorcerers, alchemist and then, in…


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Panel: "Digital: Is it Art?" with artists Michael Wright, Victor Acevedo, Kate Johnson, Diane Piepol, and Michael Masucci.

I’ll be speaking at a Panel discussion titled "Digital: Is it Art?" on Saturday afternoon May 4, 3 to 5pm. The panel is part of Digital Artistry Workshops which are being presented at the Production Pipeline Expo in Hollywood at the Raleigh Studios. The panel includes Wright, Victor Acevedo, Kate Johnson, Diane Piepol, and Michael Masucci.

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Michael Wright exhibiting @ Los Angeles Center for Digital Art

Michael Wright aka Mrags Writer is one of the artists exhibiting work as part of the Los Angeles Center for Digital Arts Ninth Anniversary Exhibition. The exhibition runs through May 4 2013. LACDA is located at 102 West Fifth Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013.

Michael Wright aka. Mrags Writer is a painter who began to explore Digital Media in the mid 1980s on…


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Any comments on that?

Of course I’m maybe the last one to realize myself? And that after all what I’m trying to do here, up till then there’s been so much talk about computers and so-called artificial intelligence. And that after all the way I’m working, and probably others like me, it is within a computer/art related environment, sorry not to be a little more specific about it? Sometimes to come in with a sensation, make or create something only to be described as – artificial life. Any comments on that?  

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A Creative Mind is Like Honey To a Bee For Me!

Hi Folks!

I'm glad to be amongst some of the most luminary and creative souls on the planet. That's why I love going to SIGGRAPH;  for its openness to things inspiring, innovative and curiously compellingly CREATIVE; just like what you might find in your neighborhood Creativity Cafe! Its been almost 35 years that I've been on the trail of manifesting an Edutainment and Networking Venue for Copiously Creative…


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The 2ND AIIB ART Israel Internet Biennial

Initiator, Director, Chief of Production: Architect Dekel Goodovitch,

Curator: Prof. Siona Shimshi    Consultants: Dr. Avi Rosen. Moshe Amira.

Location: a virtual gallery space dedicated to the Biennial, designed by 3DVAS

Hosting: 3DVAS  Ltd. the firm selected to host and support the 2nd AIIB through its unique

3D platform enabling online exhibition of works of art in 3D museum spaces.

The platform also…


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Life adventure

Background & Bio

 I fell in a caldron the way (in a popular French comic strip) Obelix fell into the magic caldron. The caldron I fell into was Art. My mother was the sculptor Niki de Saint Phalle, my father, Harry Mathews, is a novelist and poet.…


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On-line new exhibition

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One and four years


Documentary Video Blog "BITS OF MY LIFE" is now online at: Vast…


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End of a period, beginning of a new?

After having to stay here with me for more than six months and then working together, also an old friend of Siggraph, Yves Bodson. All technical problems are now sorted out and obstacles particulaly in terms of creativity way behind, or somewhat at the beginning of a much deeper and a much more comprehensive way of working. I.e. finally to have found my own quite personal way of working, including the ability of publishing, on DVDs and not entirely on the Internet, both full scale but also…


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HISTORY IS THE ART OF FORGETTING: Michael Wright (aka) Mrags Writer @ EZTV

18th Street Arts Center

1639 18th St.

Santa Monica, CA 90404


In conjunction with the landmark Pacific Standard Time exhibition Collaboration Labs: Southern California Artists and the Artists Space Movement, artist-run production company EZTV presents



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Bauhaus Now: Contemporary Applications of Bauhaus Concepts and Practice

As part of Chicago Artists Month my sculptural piece will be exhibited at:

Bauhaus Now: Contemporary Applications of Bauhaus Concepts and Practice
October 14 - December 4
Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art, 2320 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60622

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Tweeting about "Analogue is the New Digital" exhibit

Hi folks.

I just sent out a tweet from SSArtist about Analogue is the New Digital Online Curated Exhibition (see below).

If you tweet... please RT it so it gets circulated.


Sharon Steuer



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My digital/analogue album available as a digital download

For a small contribution, you can download my solo album of music, 'Do What You Wanna Do' from:




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, in French TUITART, is an actualization on the web of the former postal art and the New York Correspondence School of Ray Johnson, of rubberstamp art, wall’s graffiti and posters, street’s imaginary signalizations, pills of the Fischer Pharmacy, tags, tattoos, etc.  Futurist artists would have enjoyed…


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Three or four hours or whatever

For instance – ”three or four hours” or maybe even more? The idea is to do something, call it a slideshow or whatever, where as a comparison an oil canvas and it never dries up completely, so that from early morning till late in the night, sometimes there is a somewhat different panting coming out? Or in fact, in case you get my point, with a computer, paint in transition so to speak.

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Surround Me with Visions

Immersive visual imagery underpins contemporary virtual reality experiences such as the Holographic pop concerts of Hatsune Miku.  This post looks at historical instances of the visual surround - from Egyption tombs to Medieval and Early Renaissance Italian frescos commissioned by the Franciscan Catholic order.

The Franciscans’ preoccupation…


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Analogue is the new Digital - Project Abstract

The piece of work which I am submitting was initially created as part of my final project for my MA in Fine Art.  It is a projection-based installation incorporating digital photographs of fresh flowers projected onto a sea of drying and decaying blooms into a space which the spectator can explore and interact with.  The installation incorporated a prototype of a motion-based software program which would change the image according to the movement within the space.  The mechanics of this were…


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