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Michael Wright aka. Mrags Writer presents at LA-ANNC LA SIGGRAPH: Jan. 12 - EZTV ‚ s 30th Anniversary




EZTV’s 30th Anniversary

A celebration with performance, talk and digital art

EZTV was one of the first homes of Los Angeles SIGGRAPH.

Join us as we celebrate its 30 years of historic collaborations in

digital and video art with live dance, performance and presentations

by guest artists and EZTV directors.


6:30 - 7:30 P.M. -… Continue

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Hey everyone. Bob Nidever joined our site last September with a link to the exciting blog he publishes about art and science. (see previous blog posts) If you have not seen his site, do take a look. Here's a recent post from the site.

Now on display at the New York Hall of Science, ASCI’s International Digital Print Exhibition (Oct. 03 – Jan. 31, 2010)

Artists were asked to submit ”…visual work about mysteries or intrigues in science, 2-d thought-experiments, or… Continue

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The Ammerman Center for Arts and Technology at Connecticut College is pleased to inform you that the following work has been accepted for the 12th Biennial Symposium for Arts and Technology, March 4 …

The Ammerman Center for Arts and Technology at Connecticut College is

pleased to inform you that the following work has been accepted for

the 12th Biennial Symposium for Arts and Technology, March 4 - 6, 2010

‎* "Time - Space compression in Cyberspace Art" - PAPER…


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This is the time to meet the group from Israel "10 digital artists " 10D

10 Digital Artists (10D) comprises 10 unique sets of artistic perceptions and styles, all sharing a common method of using digital media in launching original works of art.

Some have worked exclusively in digital media, while others arrived to the digital scene after having

worked years in a variety of other media, as painters or photographers.

In 2009, the Group gathered to exchange a wide…

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Michael Wright: A re-print from the “Corsair” of Santa Monica College 10/4/09

Michael Wright: Legendary Virtual Artist Speaks

Peter Yoon

Issue date: 10/4/09 Section: A&E

Imagine if you will, the majestic seascape of Santa Cruz. Its swirling currents licking at the heels of surfers that brave the waters. The clash of each frothing wave captured in the heavy brush strokes of German expressionism.

The unique tints and hues merging together to display the harmony of man and nature. As you sit and watch in awe, you are overwhelmed with the… Continue

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Intersection of Art and Science

Hi everyone!

I publish, the ArtInScience blog, . Tell me about your artistic point of view (with links!) of science and technology.

Hope to hear from you soon.

With warm regards,


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Tel Aviv city 100 Exhibition ART TLV 2009


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The Vitreous: Eyes & Optics

The Esther Klein Gallery hosts its first national juried exhibition which runs from July 24 to Sept 5.

University Science Center

3711 Market Street, Suite 800

Philadelphia, Pa 19104


Philadelphia Inquirer…


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18th Street Arts Center is a nonprofit dedicated to provoking public dialog through contemporary art-making. The Center is accepting applications from qualified candidates for the position of Development Associate. We seek an individual knowledgeable about the rich diversity of the Los Angeles arts community and one who thrives on meeting new people, ideas and cultures. 18th Street Arts Center promotes contemporary art through a Residency Program for US artists, an International Visiting Artist… Continue

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INTERSCULPT 2009 : 16th to 22th of November

CALL deadline : 21th of September

Dear friends and colleagues,

Our Ars Mathematica association is currently preparing the 8th edition

of INTERSCULPT (the 9th, if we count the very first event in 1993!), the

networked biennial of digital sculpture, which also explores the

relationship between art, science and technology. INTERSCULPT 2009 is

planned from Monday 16th to Sunday 22th of… Continue

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Art at the Event Horizon

Avi Rosen, the Department of Art History

Tel-Aviv University


English translation – Sonia Dantziger.


This article compares real space, mental space, and virtual electronic space that connect them. The claim is that the three topological spaces are similar to a torus. Concentrations of mass in each of the three spaces create areas that bend distance and time, like the phenomenon of a black hole.… Continue

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The Internet as a Healing Agent (1998).

The Internet as a Healing Agent (1998).

This artwork deals with the notion of using the Internet as a holistic healing agent. As a healer I apply several methods for transmitting the healing energy: first, by direct touch of the patient, second, the remote healing by transmitting the energy to an imaginary location of the… Continue

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FW: Michael Wright (aka. Mrags Writer) presents at the New Media Consortium Conference 09

June 2009

Michael Wright (aka. Mrags Writer) is presenting his “Virtual World Project 08” at The New Media Consortium Summer Conference Interactive Sessions hosted by California State University Monterey Bay June 9 - June 13, 2009. This is the second year in a row that Wright’s project was chosen to be featured as part of the interactive showcase presented Thursday, June 11.The NMC Interactive sessions are designed to showcase online materials, including software, tools, research,… Continue

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Michael R. Wright in CAA’s Art Journal

May 2009

Wright in CAA’s Art Journal

Michael Wright, Digital Media Professor at Otis College of Art and Design, is one of the pioneer artists mentioned in an article by new media art historian Patric D Prince in the spring 09 issue of the ”Art Journal” published by the College Art Association. The Prince article “Imaging by Numbers: A Historical View of Digital Printmaking in America” is one of three features dealing with early digital art making covered in the spring… Continue

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3G LULLABY (2005)

Three generations: my deceased father Jankel, who was the only Shoah survival of his family, me and my daughter Ela, performing 3 Lullabies . This work is an eternal digital MeMe .

Dragging the mouse over images and Clicking, switches between the generation and the lullaby.…


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Video blog, data Flâneur Reality show. Life=Art.

1 year long, total of 24,500 video clips (some annotative)…

A car driving by, a barking dog, a man brushing his teeth - these are examples of the day to day materials for “Bits of My Life“ Vblog.

ephemeral8- (aka Avi Rosen) started documenting his life using the cellphone… Continue

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SIGGRAPH Archive in Second Life (Completed)

SIGGRAPH Asia Archive in Second Life Project was completed now.

This is an art project that collects photographs concerning past "ACM SIGGRAPH Emerging Technlogy" and makes an 3-D image archive in Second Life, aiming at this year's SIGGRAPH ASIA 2008. 600 photographs or more were finally collected.

It is created by… Continue

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Time - space compression in cyberspace art

The term “time - space compression” was coined by David Harvey [1] in his book, “The Condition of Postmodernity” (1989). It refers to speed-up in the pace of life, while abolishing traditional spatial barriers.

The industrial revolution introduced the railroad and the telegraph line, paving the way for future changes in communications. It brought about the perceptual changes needed in early twentieth-century culture for the rise of the new media that captured communications: photography,… Continue

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Emru Townsend 1969-2008

The SIGGRAPH Community lost a great friend and colleague on November 11. Emru Townsend, the founder of the animation magazine FPS and an active member of SIGGRAPH, died from Leukemia. Emru was one of the most enthusiastic supporters of imaginative and innovative animation and digital imaging. He brought a special energy to everything that he did, and he will be missed, remembered and admired for years to come.

FPS on-line - his own magazine (where you can post a comment that his… Continue

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