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Michael Wright is exhibiting current work.

from his “Looking In, Looking Out” series. thru November 16, as part of an exhibit “Looking Back, Looking Forward” at Gallery 21, Spanish Village, Balboa Park, San Diego. The exhibition sponsored by the Digital Art Guild celebrates Balboa Park's…


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Fascinating video on Charting culture

Here is a fascinating video on the charting of western culture. Quoting from the page "Culture spreads through people, but how does that really happen? This data visualisation from Nature Video charts the movement of 120,000 prominent cultural figures – predominantly European and North American – between 600 BC and 2012 CE, by plotting lines between where each one was born and died. The resulting map reveals not only how religion, technology, resources and mass migrations entwine with the…


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Reading Joyce and Duchamp 1995 - 2015

jpeg of Large detail from Reading Finnegans Wake, Derrida Of Grammatology, Duchamp's Notes to the Glass.

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  I am pleased to announce: TAMMY MIKE LAUFER - ARTIST BOOK 20 YEARS OF DIGITAL CREATION A journey over two decades between her works The book is an interactive book. Everyone is welcome to watch it…


I am pleased to announce:



A journey over two decades between her works

The book is an interactive book. Everyone is welcome to watch it for free.…


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Michael Wright is exhibiting a current work @ Los Angeles Center for Digital Art

LACDA 11 Year Anniversary Represented Artists Exhibit

April 9-May 14, 2015

Los Angeles Center For Digital Art

102 West Fifth Street

Los Angeles, CA 90013

Art Walk preview: Thursday April 9   7-9pm

Artists’ Opening Reception: Saturday April 11…


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Peregrination: Shepley+Rowland

General Practice Project Space, Beaumont Fee, LN1 1UH, Lincoln, UK.

9 – 27 March 2015 (viewing by appointment)

The word peregrination originates directly from the Latin word peregrinationem meaning "a journey, a sojourn abroad"; via the Old French peregrination or "pilgrimage, long absence" (12c.) - a noun of action "to journey or…


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Particles Plus Fields Experiment

After six months of not writing any graphics programs, last week I dove back into the process by writing a Processing program that combined particles, a variety of force fields, and masking.

The program began simply (which is the best way to begin any programming project) and acquired added flexibility and complexity as more functionality was added. The particle image shown above…


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Digital Arts Lounge at SIGGRAPH Asia 2014

Video of Neuro Memento Mori -  Portrait of the artist contemplating death ,

Jane Prophet


Zoran Josipovic, New York University

Andreas Roepstorrf, Aarhus…


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Videos and desserts, and way to go?

Last night I went to the closing reception in addition to the local film festival. In fact it was more or less an obligation but also a sign of mutual respect, always late at night, people talking to, or most of the time beyond, one another. 

Nevertheless, it was the night where again I felt myself utterly alone. Not with the people, however, whom I quite often know quite well. But the context, it was a film festival, and then this whole atmosphere of almost passionate cinematographic…


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Video Project - The Liquified Paintings of Claude Monet

Recently I've been spending a fair amount of time researching generative art processes. One of the products of this research was a video I created using Processing. It is a generative animation of six of Monet's paintings.  You can read see the video and read more about it at  Liquified Paintings…


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Harmonielehre, 360 immersive film @ SAT,Montreal.

The immersive musical film Harmonielehre, featuring the Orchestre symphonique de Montréal and its music director Kent Nagano, will be showing in the Satosphere from June 30 to August 15, 2014 and will take you right into…


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Tammy Mike Laufer \ Solo exhibition \ The red circle

Tammy Mike Laufer \ Solo exhibition \ The red circle

I am excited to invite you to my solo exhibition, online, open tomorrow,from Tuesday, 6/17/2014

You can walk around the exhibition space, between the walls, zoom in and out of the works

See the video art. Exhibition catalog is attached and images from the exhibition.

Also, you are welcome to leave your impressions in the guest book.…


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Michael Wright exhibiting in group exhibition @ LACDA

M Ragsdale Wright Studios

Press Release

April 2014

Michael Wright is exhibiting machine augmented images as part of the TEN YEAR ARTISTS RETROSPECTIVE at the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art.

104 East 4th Street, Los Angeles Calif.

Exhibit Dates: April 10-May 24



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Generative Art and the Mona Lisa Meme

I wrote "Generative Art and the Mona Lisa Meme" about  a generative art system I created using Processing. It includes a link to a 1600x1600 version of the output.

Generative Art and the Mona Lisa Meme …


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Art + Science

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Phil, and I'm a PhD candidate from The University of Sydney.  I also have a top-up scholarship with CSIRO, the Australian government science and industry research organisation -- you may have heard of some of their inventions... like WiFi.

My research is into infoVis, specifically looking at different types of 'visualisation for the masses' or, as I'm calling it Non-Expert User Visualisation: NEUVis.  It is different from visualising for the…


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Keywords for Tagging Images

Tagging images makes them so much easier to find.  Some suggested Tags Below - add more words in comment section and I will put them in this list.

interior, indoors

exterior, outdoors, outside

vanishing point, perspective, landscape

rural. farmland, forest

environment, nature


domestic, home

urban, city, cityscape, architecture, buildings



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Roadmap to Space Settlement Student Art Contest

The National Space Society (NSS) has announced its Roadmap to Space Settlement 2014 International Student Art Contest, a contest for which I am one of the art judges.

You can read my short article on the contest at

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Currents 2014: Santa Fe International New Media Festival

Image: Pneumatic City/Susanna Carlisle and Bruce Hamilton

Currents 2014

Santa Fe International New Media Festival

June 13 - June 29,…


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