This is something that's been talked about online for some time. What I was hoping was for us to discuss a set of guidelines, heuristics, to help artists and scientists work together on research projects. As for me, I count myself in both camps, and as a prof, I'll wofked at getting our Art and CS students to work together on teams, with a reasonable amount of success.

Your thoughts, please!

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Can you talk about or describe any of those successes, Bill?
Sure! For the past 12 years, I have been co-teaching computer animation with a colleague from the Art dept. In his dept., the animation course is in the illustration track, and focuses on both the entire process and specifically storyboarding. This course is offered every fall. In CS, my course focuses on the process and coding examples. It's offered every other fall term.

When both courses are offered in the same term, we schedule them at the same time, so they can meet together about 2/3 of the time, for lessons, exercises, and project work. Final project teams are each a mix of CS and Art majors.

But in those terms where only the Art course is offered, I still co-teach it with my friend. As such, I've been able to convey rather technical concepts to Art major by taking the attitude that it's important to understand these topics from a conceptual point of view, but also not to be afraid of the math. After all, it's mostly HS algebra.

Btw, when we our together the project teams from Art and CS majors, we do not assign team roles. Rather, we identify what roles need to be filled (storyboarding, character design, modeling, animation, and director/producer), and allow tgem to each choose whuch role they want to fill. And their choices are not what you'd always expect.

I have been looking at the ACM calendar - look at this event:

ARTISTS so need to be part of this discussion - how can anyone discuss perception without including artists, who are trained in the ambiguities of perception?  Perhaps the answer even lies in the ambiguities .... scientists have to learn to accept that ambiguity is part of the beauty of it all.



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