Wayne Carlson's (Cranston-Csuri Productions) Historical Timeline of Computer Graphics

I love time lines.   I think that there is a huge, un-tapped potential for time lines as a data organization or visualization paradigm.    There is one social-networking system which uses time-lines, but I can't locate it at the moment.   It might be Classmates.com.

How about a non-linear extension of a time-line?

Here's something that some people from The Post Group in Hollywood did.  They published
a yearbook of the employees circa 1988/1989.   They scanned pages from the yearbook, posted them on Facebook and then tagged the people whose pictures appeared on the pages, who happen to be Facebook members.    I think that this is brilliant.

It is like a locus of intersections of the lives (timelines) of the people who were The Post Group in 1988/89.

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Wayne's timeline is indeed awesome.
It would be great if it was interactive and people could update it themselves.
Hmmm who wants to make this app in Java ....?

It is a great timeline albeit not all that visually appealing (I think he originally created this for a course he taught at ACCAD in the nineties) but its simplicity is also its charm.
Isn't a timeline linear by definition?8^}

Making it database driven with tags so one can select aspects of the developments to focus on may be a neat idea. I do however love the fact that you see seemingly unrelated developments side by side, like Houdini being ported to SUN the same year Windows XP is released.

If one were to update this, I would choose a some simple web based solution, although there could be a java front end. Apps go extinct with the devices they run on.

Someone created a web update with loads of copyrighted stuff: http://sophia.javeriana.edu.co/~ochavarr/computer_graphics_history/...


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