Query for video / media artists on art distribution channels and your needs towards them

Hi all!

I'm a user interface designer and media artist based on Finland. I'm studying possibilities to set up a new kind of video and media art distribution channel that is global and works via the internet / digital channels. You could think of it as the YouTube of next phase, with possibilities to market or sell the work without the fear of digital copying etc.

If you have time, I'd like you to contribute to my research. The project is just started, so it is in its market research phase. If you wish to tell more and require for example a non-disclosure-agreement, please contact me via email and attach a possible NDA exaple to the email.

Just answer these questions by answering to this thread or replying to me to kotala(at)iki.fi. Thank you very much! Answer by July the 1st 2012. Thank you!

PS. I will not publish the results with names anywhere, all the answers are handled anonymously (ofcourse if you answer here, all the members can see your answer...)



0. Attach your name, education, country/countries you're are currently mainly active with your art.

1. What kind of art are you doing? (specify platform / technique, is it traditional video art, installations, interactive..)

2. What is currently your main distribution channel for your works? (gallerist, gallery, other?)

Have you sold your works directly, and how do your customers find you?

3. Would you be interested in new distribution possibilities?

4. What are the requirements for distributing your works digitally (technical limitations etc). Are for example your works interactive or require a space for installation?

5. Are there any legal or financial limitations for distributing your works (for example agreements with your gallery etc)?


Imagine you could distribute, market or sell your works via internet to consumers or galleries world-wide. You could sell also existing works (like video art clips etc).

6. The distribution channel would require a starting fee of some kind before your work could be entered into the channel. What would be the amount you'd be ready to pay (with no guarantee of sales)? Or would you rather consider a yearly membership fee, and what size?

7. What would be a realistic percentage of sales you'd agree on giving the channel as provision?

8. Would you be interested in selling for example video clips or digital copies for several buyers (up to thousands!) or do you want to limit the distribution?

9. Other comments, insights or thoughts that come in mind?

WHY (afterword)

As you might have noticed, there already are some artists that sell their work via new distribution channels like mobile app stores. The problem however is that these channels are mainly for commercial games, and also that the artist has to set up the process for creating these applications themselves. I'm studying would it be possible to establish a channel for distributing video and media art that is specifically intended for artists and artistic applications and videos.

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