I am currently writing a paper about Social Networks and ideas of the Digtial Atelier  to be presented at a conference in Athens Greece this summer

Could you tell me about any COLLABORATIONS you got involved in as a result of being a member of DAC?


Paul Thompson

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Hi Paul - I do not have collaborations directly related to DAC, but some related to SIGGRAPH and other organizations.  What do you want to know? Sorry I missed this earlier

Hi Cynthia

I'm really interested in collaboration where people have used social networking and online mechanisms to collaborate. I guess I really am interested where the project could not have gone ahead without the use of technology. Also if the technology has brought additional features to the project which could not have been achieved otherwise.

Many thanks for your response don't worry nothing is ever too late


Paul - I actually think that collaborations work best with a little geographic distance.  My most successful collaboration was with Bob Gluck, in creating Layered Histories.   We live about a 2.5 hour drive from each other.  This was in 2003- 4.  Of course there were in person meetings, but most of it was by email, telephone, and send files back and forth.  Bigger files had to be sent by snail mail.  One day, however, we were temporarily able to connect on fast server.  It was an amazingly productive day - I composited moving images, Bob composited sound, and we worked together.  It felt like we were in the same room, but without the distraction of talking.  Great day!

Hi Paul,

I run a social network for VFX and CG artists, http://vfxg.org -- if you like, you're welcome to poll the members of my community for feedback as well.

Have a good one! 

Kristy :)


Digital Arts Page on the ACM-SIGGRAPH site


If you still are looking for your TAS work email morie@siggraph.org

Check out the Digital Arts Community's Facebook Group

Check out the DAC FACEBOOK Group!!!

Make sure to see the (original!!) 1982 SIGGRAPH ART show
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Much thanks to Copper Giloth for putting this together and sharing!


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