"Digital" will disappear... what tension do you want to keep alive?

The term "digital" is a temporary concept.
What do you take as the next challenge/tension for working with your medium?
Is there a system to question, a particular strategy that might be useful to be inspired by, regardless of the medium/technique?

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Great question Pier. Once everything is digita (at least at some point in production) how do we define new media?
It will be what it has always been: do we have something to say that is new (nihil novum sub sole)?
The medium will be back to what it always has been, a vehicle.
Too much has been made of the transmission itself, bordering on the so-called "phatic" function as Jakobson liked to describe it. Let's see if we can move beyond McLuhan.
I hope your trip was fruitful.
When "quantum computing" is de facto (assuming it does in fact become the dominant means of future computing technology which is not at all certain), will we then have "quantum art" as we now have nano-technology art, or bio-genetic manipulations that are seen as art forms and can perhaps escape the artist's control See http://io9.com/387274/curator-forced-to-kill-out+of+control-bio+art... for example)? Is it not about what the work says for its time and setting that makes it meaningful? Have these newer media surpassed digital forms? Are many of us working in what could now be seen as (perhaps) an antiquated medium? I think I am just re-phrasing your original question here, Pier... What makes digital a viable medium today and into the future?
Thanks Jackie,
It is useful I think to wonder the label that is used to define our work.
We are all I assume hoping to last beyond the timeframe we work in, hence the need to frame our work in a flexible context for the future. I used the word "digital" in my course descriptions and it became clear a while back that it should be dropped.


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